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by Glenn Symmonds, Eddie Money Band Drummer on Blank Business Name

My Ayurvedic massage with Bret Mason was deeply relaxing and therapeutic. Bret's considerable knowledge of herb-infused oils, combined with his skilled bodyworking techniques, made for a rejuvenating and toxin-purifying massage session. I can't possibly recommend a more powerful and healing massage therapist.

Hello Bret, I am so grateful to Elke for the gift of a massage from you. I felt very comfortable, relaxed and nurtured. My body really appreciated your healing touch. I was long over due for some tender loving care. Massage Therapy has been my profession for over 30 years. I know that sending a healing message through intention to the body allows for the best benefits and lasting results. I am grateful you are connected to a higher power and intelligence, a divine source of healing. Being able to relax and surrender to this higher power allowed me to let go and receive the healing currents and frequencies that are in harmony with our true nature. This was my first Abhyanga Massage (soothing, gentle and very relaxing). This massage brought me to a deep level of peace and harmony with my body. I also Experienced a Udvartana Massage (energizing, exfoliating treatment). Wow, a refreshing and cleansing experience. My skin felt smooth and alive. I have had hundreds of massages in my life. Most of them from women. I could not identify that the hands touching me were a mans hands. To me they were the hands of God. There are 2 men that I feel comfortable touching me. One lives in Mt. Shasta and Bret Mason who lives in Roseville, California. Experiencing a Massage by Bret Mason is a blessing and a gift we can give ourselves. Thank you for your gift of touch

by Diana DeCesare on Blank Business Name

I had an absolutely phenomenal experience at Winds of Change Ayurveda. The facility is serene, warm, and inviting. It is such a beautiful space for healing and relaxation. Bret’s passion for Ayurveda and wellbeing shine through in all that he does. I felt very comfortable and safe in his care. I received the Abhyanga Massage and Marma point therapy. My body loved it! It was like a total body reset. I will definitely be coming back to see Bret again for regular care.

by Kathy D. on Blank Business Name

Wait Time, Environment, Quality, Customer Service “Fabulous, nourishing, healing - nothing like it.”

by Vida Wright on Blank Business Name

I regularly practice yoga in East Wind Yoga studio in Roseville and Winds of Change is directly located behind the studio. After learning about Winds of Change Ayurveda services, I decided to try the Marma Point Therapy - Mystery Point Connection. I can honestly say that this therapy was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in the never ending quest of living a healthy physical and spiritual life. The Winds of Change is a beautiful and serene environment and Bret Mason is a thoughtful and expert Ayurveda practitioner. I highly recommend Winds of Change to anyone who is interested in the holistic practice of Ayurveda and healing their physical and spiritual self. Thank you!

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